The Boxing Lesson

“The Boxing Lesson”
oil • 24hx36w

“A Boat to America” is a series of oil paintings that tell stories in multiple stages of my Italian family’s immigration in the United States.

“A Boat To America”
5’h x 11’w
oil paintings and assemblage

“Hope is the Anchor of Our Lives”
5’h x 24’w
Mixed media, paper, wood, chain,
fabric, ink, hand written labels.

In 2011 I added the interactive assemblage called “Hope is the Anchor of Our Lives”. The main idea is to share my family’s story and encourage others to tell theirs. People are asked where they or their family were from and the reasons they came to the U.S. They filled out the shipping labels and tied them to the chain. The chain is eventually replaced with stories. A common “link” with many Americans is that our families came from somewhere else.

The Boxing Lesson

“Changing Patterns”
oil • 48hx28w


I didn't want to lose the old stories when I reused the interactive display. To honor the previous stories of participants, I chose to combine them with this painting of my grandmother cooking. The painting is called, "Changing Patterns".

The stories are typeset on paper and can be displayed on the wall or on a table in front of the painting. Ideas like: Melting pot, family recipes, and family stories shared during meals were the inspiration for this piece.