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Circus Real Surreal:
A Collection of Narrative Paintings

Circus Real Surreal is a curious combination of surreal illustration and historical fact. This painting series records current history in a dizzying display of line and color. Let our cast of characters entertain you. Run away with our circus!

143 pages

Hardback, paperback and ebook editions are available at independent booksellers and national retail bookshops.

Independent bookstores:
Bookshop Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
Two Birds Books, Santa Cruz, CA

National Retailers:
Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble



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An Artist's View of Santa Cruz:
Scenic Spots to Visit and Enjoy

This book features some of my landscape paintings. In addition to the paintings, maps are included to find the locations.

When you are in Santa Cruz, California use this book as your guide to some scenic places!

104 pages.

Sold on

Bookshop Santa Cruz
1520 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Two Bird Books
881 41st. Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 900-5588